Position Papers

18 position papers were accepted. A folder containing all papers is available here.

Papers are listed here in alphabetical order of the last name of the first author:

Author(s)Affiliation(s)Position Paper
Beth T. BellYork St John UniversityDark Patterns in Mobile Games: A Source of Online Risk for Youths?
Daniel FittonUniversity of Central Lancashire
Chris BrownNorth Carolina State UniversityDark Patterns for Influencing Developer Behavior
Chris ParninNorth Carolina State University
Daniel CapurroThe University of MelbourneDark Patterns, Electronic Medical Records, and the Opioid Epidemic
Maarten DenooKU LeuvenDark design patterns and simulated gambling in videogames: Embracing a broader context-sensitivity in an environment of expected use
Bruno DupontKU Leuven
Eva GrosemansKU Leuven
Bieke ZamanKU Leuven
Liza GakUniversity of California, BerkeleyThe Distressing Ads That Persist: Uncovering The Persuasive Logics and Emotional Harms of User Targeted Diet Ads
Seyi OlojoUniversity of California, Berkeley
Niloufar SalehiUniversity of California, Berkeley
Johanna GunawanNortheastern UniversityTowards an Understanding of Dark Pattern Privacy Harms
David ChoffnesNortheastern University
Woodrow HartzogNortheastern University
Christo WilsonNortheastern University
Frode GuribyeUniversity of BergenDark patterns in cookie consent notices: new definitions and mitigation strategies
Oda Elise NordbergUniversity of Bergen
Are NyhammerUniversity of Bergen
Marija SlavkovikUniversity of Bergen
Than Htut SoeUniversity of Bergen
Hana HabibCarnegie Mellon UniversityA Framework for Evaluating Dark Patterns in Consent Interfaces
Lorrie Faith CranorCarnegie Mellon University
Rikard HarrUmeå University“It depends upon whether it’s true or not”: Entrepreneurs’ Perspective on Dark Design Patterns
Annakarin NybergUmeå University
Philip HausnerHeidelberg UniversityDark Patterns in the Interaction with Cookie Banners
Michael GertzHeidelberg University
Thejus KayanadathEmily Carr University of Art + DesignDark Patterns in Ubiquitous Computing: Collaboratively speculating and workshopping dark patterns in Ubiquitous Computing scenarios
Haig ArmenEmily Carr University of Art + Design
Neha LingareddyUniversity of ChicagoCan I Delete My Account?: Dark Patterns In Account Deletion on Social Media
Brennan SchaffnerUniversity of Chicago
Marshini ChettyUniversity of Chicago
Thomas MildnerUniversity of BremenHow Social Are Social Media: The Dark Patterns In Facebook’s Interface
Gian-Luca SavinoUniversity of Bremen
Harshvardhan J. PanditTrinity College DublinCrowd-sourcing Issues Across Domains for Automated Generation of Legal Complaints Regarding Consent
Brian LynchTrinity College Dublin
Dave LewisTrinity College Dublin
Constanta RoscaMaastricht UniversityDigital monitoring of unlawful dark patterns: What role for public interest technology?
Bogdan CovrigMaastricht University
Catalina GoanataMaastricht University
Gerasimos SpanakisMaastricht University
Gunes AcarKU Leuven
Arianna RossiUniversity of LuxembourgAll at One Stroke? Intervention Spaces for Dark Patterns
Kerstin Bongard-BlanchyUniversity of Luxembourg
Mohammad TahaeiUniversity of EdinburghCode-Level Dark Patterns: Exploring Ad Networks’ Misleading Code Samples with Negative Consequences for Users
Kami VanieaUniversity of Edinburgh
Arnout TerpstraTilburg UniversityThink before you click: how reflective patterns contribute to privacy'.
Paul GraßlRadboud University
Hanna SchraffenbergerRadboud University